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Before I started blogging, I was searching for easy date night ideas for my husband and I. Having two toddlers, going out for date night isn’t the easiest thing. Not only is it hard to find time, but it can get expensive! Between a babysitter, dinner and a movie, date nights can easily cost $80 if not more. We are lucky to have family and friends in town who offer to look after our kids for no charge, but between busy schedules and just plain exhaustion it’s hard for us to still find the time and energy to make plans for date night.


But, I am a firm believer in continuously dating your spouse. My husband and I have been together for almost 11 years, married for 6 of those years, and dating your spouse is so so so important. I’m not saying it is the most important thing, but I honestly feel it should be made a priority especially if you have kids. Finding ways to have alone time with your spouse helps you stay connected and the romance alive once kids are in the picture.


So, here I am on Pinterest just a few months ago looking for an easy date night idea that I could possibly do at home after the kids are in bed. That is just the season of life we are in now and that is OK with me. I just want to spend some alone time to connect with my husband, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing that is important to me. I was finding some really cute ideas, and as much as I loved them I just couldn’t find the energy to do any of them. Then, I stumbled upon Night In Boxes.


This company has exactly what I needed! A date night all ready to go, minimal planning required. They have Date Night In, which is the box that I picked for this post, Faith Night In, and Kids Night In. Date Night In is exactly what it sounds like, a date night in at home with your significant other. Faith Night In is also a date night in, but is religious based. Kids Night In is an activity box for kids.


Night In Boxes is a subscription box service, and you won’t know what you are getting until your box comes in the mail! You can choose to buy just one box, or you can save some money by buying a subscription service to have them delivered every month. Each month a new box is curated for whichever Night In Box you have selected, and has a theme. I decided to try the Date Night In, and this box is the November “Give Thanks” Box. So with the theme of Give Thanks, all of the activities in the box are geared toward this theme.



This is the first Date Night In box my husband and I have tried, and we both loved it. It really enhanced our date night and put such a unique spin on an average “dinner and Netflix” that our normal date night ins include. My box came with a pamphlet of information so you can follow along and set the mood for your date. I would highly recommend looking at this a day before or a few days before your actual date night at home because it has recommendations and tips on how to make your date night special.


Date Night Itinerary with included candle


First off, I will start with setting the mood. The pamphlet included in the box has a recommended dinner menu for your date night. This was so well thought out and is developed by a wonderful food blogger specifically for each date night box. This menu for this box had an appetizer, entree, and dessert, as well as options on what to drink. My box came with mulled cider, so it had recipes on how to add alcohol if you would like or how to make a simple cinnamon whip cream to put on the top. I loved the attention to detail with this, because you can truly elevate your date night box with the easy to follow recipes.


Not only does the box have a menu recommendation, the pamphlet directs you to an already made Spotify playlist and this month’s box came with a candle. Candlelight, dinner, and a playlist made specifically for you is a great way to set the mood. During dinner, in keeping with the Give Thanks theme, you are encouraged to tell your partner how thankful you are for them. In addition to telling them, it comes with an activity with Post It Notes and a pencil. The Post It Notes say “Thank You For”, and you are supposed to fill them out and leave them in special places for your significant other to find them. I love this, not only so you can verbalize what you are thankful for, but putting them places your spouse won’t find them all right away keeps your date night going past the actual date night.



After the Post It Notes activity, there is a Thankful Mad Libs activity that I enjoyed. Again, it makes you fill in verbs and adjectives to remind you what you should be thankful for. This box came with mulled cider and pumpkin seeds, so we did this activity after dinner and drank our cider and ate our pumpkin seeds. Both were delicious, but that cider is the best cider I have ever had in my life! Notes of apple, pumpkin, and a little licorice made this cider really delicious.


To end the date night, this box included a segment with Operation Gratitude which I absolutely love. The end of the pamphlet encourages you to reuse the box by sending it to a member of the military. It comes with a paracord to make a bracelet together with your significant other, as well as see through baggies and a list of items to include in your box for the care package. The address is provided to have it shipped, as well as a website address of where you can get a shipping label provided by Night In Boxes. This was the only part of the box that I was confused on, as my husband and I thought the materials for the bracelet were for us to keep. In rereading the instructions we saw there was only enough for one bracelet and was to be included in the care package to a military member. We had fun making in and included it in the care package, it was just a little confusing at first glance.




Although lengthy, I had to post a full and honest review. My husband and I loved this date night box and **highly** recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying or gifting it. I loved how simple and thoughtful it was, it really made us take the time to connect and were reminded what we are thankful for in life. The boxes have a new theme every month so you won’t ever get bored, and all the guesswork is taken out for you.


Night In Boxes is giving me a box to give away this month! Just in time for the holidays! You can pick from the Date Night In, Faith Night In, Kids Night In, or a gift card to use whenever you see fit! All you have to do is head on over to my blog’s Facebook Page, like this post and comment to win! The giveaway closes on 11/30 at midnight, and the winner will be announced Friday morning 12/1 on my Facebook page.


I would love to hear if you have used this company or what box you would pick if you won!!

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