January Date Night In Box Review – and Giveaway!

I meant to post this about a week ago, before my Whole30 adventure. But I’m not gonna lie, prepping for Whole30 took SO much more time than I thought it was going to! Add in the grocery shopping and researching, all the food prep, and getting ready to host a Superbowl party on Sunday this post had to wait.


Well I hope it’s worth the wait, because not only am I reviewing my Date Night Box In from January, but I get to *give one away*! Yay! Who doesn’t love free stuff? I love free stuff, and when I get to give something away that I personally love, that is even better. If you want to look at past boxes I have gotten and reviewed, you can find them here and here.




These Date Night In Boxes are just amazing. They always keep me guessing, and this one was by far the most challenging one for me, in a good way! The game included in this one was hard for me because I’ve never played it before, but that didn’t make it any less fun.


This box theme is a night in Paris. First off, the treat that came with it was chocolate French crepes. They were absolutely delicious and I am so glad we did the date before I started Whole30. The thing that I also loved was that the company sent an email with this box letting you know there was a perishable item in your box so you could plan to open it within 30 days. I had one right from the bag, and another in the microwave. I liked the microwaved one better, and it came with 6 total which I also loved. OK, on to the rest of the box (you can tell I’m on Whole30 I wrote an entire paragraph on chocolate crepes….).




In the setting the mood part of the date, they included a lavender sachet to help transport you to the foothills of France. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, so I absolutely loved smelling this and will plan on using this for other purposes. I haven’t made the suggested dinner recipe yet, and the next date night I get I am for sure going to because their chef Marina puts together the most perfect menus and I know it would help set the mood even more.




After dinner and your delicious crepes, the first activity is to take your love languages quiz. My husband and I took our love languages quiz a good 6 years ago, so this was a good refresher. Especially since it was so long ago, it was interesting to see if they had changed. Both of ours were the same they were 6 years ago; however it was also nice to be reminded of what my spouse appreciates. If you haven’t heard of a love language, it’s basically the way you personally interpret love. Someone might appreciate quality time, while someone else might appreciate acts of service. All of these are explained further in the date, and once you know what your spouse appreciates it is easier to fall back on that if your spouse maybe isn’t feeling loved on a certain day. This has really helped our relationship throughout the years, and helps with communication for my husband and I as well. When we aren’t feeling loved, we have a hard time communicating. This was my favorite part of the date!




The next part of the date was their fun twist on an escape room (this was the challenging part for me). There is a set of character profile cards included in the box, and each of you get to choose who you want to be. Once you have chosen your character, they encourage you to get into character. I am not good at things like this, so that is why it was challenging for me. I am awful at accents and don’t have a very wild imagination, so that is the only reason why it was challenging, BUT I still did it and we had fun with the process which is all that matters.


You and your spouse’s characters are in love and haven’t seen each other in years. During this time in the year 1919, the only way you have been communicating is through love letters. With this activity, you have both written a final letter to each other and will meet each other face to face soon. After reading that you are to write your own love letters as yourselves, not as your characters. They include these cute envelopes, notepads, and pens for all of the activities. I loved this part of the activity because we don’t often take the time to write out letters or feelings to our spouses. It also included some writing prompts which I loved as well.




Once you are done, you are supposed to seal your letter and set them aside while you complete your character/escape room activity. Your trusted mutual friend has found a way to deliver this box to you, inside you find envelopes numbered 1-5. You have to work together and use these clues to identify the time and location for your meeting. You can’t open the next envelope until you have found the answer to the previous clue. Once you have gotten through all the clues, the final letter uncovers the details about the meeting. Once this is done, you can exchange the letters that you wrote earlier in the evening to each other.




I have really been loving all of the dates I have gotten so far! If you want to enter to win a box of your choice, go to either my Facebook page or Instagram account (or both if you want to double your chance to win!), like my page/follow my account, like my giveaway post, and comment which box you would like to win! You can pick either the Date Night In, Faith Night In, or Kids Night In. Good luck! The contest will end midnight CST on Friday 2/9/18.


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