New Year’s Resolution Ideas (that aren’t about weight loss!)

The holidays have come and gone. I, like most people, am looking toward 2018 and am starting to think about things I would like to accomplish in this coming year.


I personally love New Year’s resolutions. It makes you take the time to reflect on your past year and see what you were able to accomplish and areas you can improve upon. If you didn’t hit a goal of yours, you can always make it a goal the next year and come up with other strategies to achieve it.


The most popular New Year’s Resolution by far is weight loss. While I love a weight loss goal, I have my own I will be crushing this year, I feel like there are also plenty of other resolutions that would do you good in this coming year other than just a weight loss goal. So, if you are looking for some inspiration for setting your own New Year’s Resolutions I thought I would share some non-weight loss resolutions that can help you set all your goals in the New Year.



Break a Bad Habit

I can’t think of a better time to break a bad habit then at the start of a new year. For me, my bad habit I will be breaking is my daily diet pop habit. I know Diet Coke is bad for me, but I got myself into this bad habit when I was pregnant with my second child and I have been trying to break it since.


When you know you have a bad habit, think of all of the good it will do you to break it and write those reasons down. When you are having a hard day and want to give in, like giving up pop or smoking or emotional eating or whatever your bad habit is, going back to your list of why you are giving it up will make it easier not to give in.



Start a Healthy Habit

This goes hand in hand with the first resolution, start a healthy habit. My bad habit of getting rid of Diet Coke is a New Year’s Resolution of mine, so the healthy habit I am starting will be to drink more water. My goal is to drink anywhere from 80-100 ounces a day, but the last few months I have definitely been slacking. Drinking less Diet Coke, kicking my bad habit, will allow me to drink more water.


If losing weight is one of your resolutions this year, having a number in mind you want to lose is great but starting a healthy habit will help you reach that goal. So instead of “I want to lose 20 pounds”, try “I am going to cut all sweets from my meal plan and work out at least 4 days a week.” Another example could be saying “I will reward my healthy choices with XXX instead of food” if you are an emotional eater. It could be a spa day or a new pair of workout shoes instead of rewarding your healthy choices with food.



Set a Professional Goal

This may seem irrelevant considering I am a stay at home mom, but I have big goals for this little blog of mine by the end of 2018. It’s funny, I had the normal goals of promotions after awhile when I worked my 9-5 job in the corporate world but nothing like the professional dreams I have now. The biggest goal I had while working at the bank was leaving it!


Last year I was challenged to make a dream board. Just putting my goals and dreams to a pen and paper really helped get my goals out of my head and something that I could look at on a regular basis. One of my professional goals was to start my blog, something I had dreamed of doing for so long, and I finally did it! I am so glad I was challenged to really dream about what I want to do in life and I am taking steps toward making that happen. I encourage you to do the same and think about what you really want to do with your career this year.



Organize a Space in your Home

I think that I am a fairly ambitious person. I am also someone who thrives on organization. So when we first moved into our house a year ago all I wanted to do was buy all the organizational tools and things that existed (my favorite store is The Container Store). But I stopped myself, and although a year later I am going just a little crazy that my house isn’t as organized as I would like I’m glad I gave myself time in my space to figure out what will work best for me and my family.


Now that I have taken the time to figure out what we need, I won’t be spending any additional money on things we don’t need and won’t use. For my New Year’s Resolution I am only committing to organizing the biggest stress for me and my family, and that is organizing our playroom. I would focus on just one space of your home for your resolution so you feel accomplished once it’s done. Saying I am going to organize my family’s playroom versus I am going to organize our entire house sets myself up for success and I can always move on to another room in the house once that room is done.



Make Family and/or Marriage Resolutions

Resolutions are normally about self improvement. This year I decided not only am I going to focus on self improvement, which benefits everyone, I am making resolutions for my family and my marriage. By that I mean I am going to be intentionally working on my relationships with my husband and kids.


I am finding it more important as my kids get older the figuring out the kind of mom I want to be. This goes for my marriage too. I am setting these two main resolutions for my family, the first is doing a minimum of one date night a month with my husband. The second is being more present for my children during the day – i.e. not being on my phone as much, getting more done while they are busy or asleep. I also have a few books I will be reading to help with both of these resolutions.




I hope you received some inspiration for setting your own New Year’s Resolutions for 2018! Some of these might be ones you have set before, but I hope you are able to approach this new year with goals and drive. I would love to hear some of your resolutions for the coming year as well, drop me a comment below!


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