Winter Wonderland Faith Night In – Review

It’s hard to believe that another Christmas season has already come and gone, but here it is the third day of January! I am so excited to get back into my routine and start running toward my resolutions I made for the new year.


But first, I had to share my review of the Winter Wonderland Faith Night In box that I received for December. You may have read my review of the November Date Night In Box (if not, you can find it and more about the company here) by the same company Night In Boxes, so I was excited to try their Faith Night box since I loved the Date Night box so much.


And of course, no surprise here, I loved the December box too. I wanted to share what we got in this box and how it compared to the box we had in November. Like the last box there was an activity, something to set the mood, a fun treat, and something that made us take some time to reflect. I love that both of the boxes had these, and I am excited for the future boxes to come.


First, came dinner and setting the mood! Of course dinner didn’t come with the box, but we received some very wonderful balsam fir incense. Before dinner, part of our box contained name tags. This was a fun guessing game, where you were encouraged to write a name of a Christmas character on your name tag and put it on your significant other’s back. They had to guess who they were only by how you would weave clues into conversations – not just giving hints until they guessed.



After dinner, for dessert we had our hot chocolate on a spoon that was included. Not only were they really cute, but they tasted great! Super easy, just add hot milk or water and stir until it’s mixed. A lump of coal came in our box, which I loved once I realized what they represented. The coal is actually coal soap, and for the month of December the Night In Box company partnered with The Adventure Project. They help teach women in Kenya and Tanzania learn how to cook their meals over stoves, run by coal. Each stove drastically reduces toxic smoke, cooks food faster, and saves six trees from being cut down to be used as fuel as well.



I am loving that both boxes partnered with a great organization that I haven’t heard of before to help others. I am hoping that this is a continuing trend because this makes me love the boxes even more. After reading about our lumps of coal, there was another game included called Tune or Tale. One side of the card has a Christmas song to hum, while the other has a holiday movie to quote. We both enjoyed this as we love all kinds of games, especially pertaining to Christmas.


After our game, we read our detailed discussion guide of our Bible reading for this box. Naturally this month’s scripture reading was about the birth of Jesus, but it made us think about Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the wise men. I liked that, and I also enjoyed the questions it encouraged us to ask to dig deeper into scripture.


The last activity was probably my favorite part! Included in this box was a gingerbread camper, yes you read that right, not a house but a camper. I love decorating gingerbread houses with my daughter, and this year alone we did at least 3. It was fun to do the gingerbread camper just my husband and I because we normally do crafty things with our kids and not each other, so it was fun to decorate it together just us.


To be completely honest, this was my favorite part but also tested our patience. I loved the idea of decorating something other than a house, but when we took out the pieces to put it together it only had two little rectangles to have the two sides stick together. It also said to let it sit for several hours. We didn’t have time for that, so my hubby made it work a different way. I wish there were more pieces to stabilize it; I feel like it would have worked much better had there been more pieces. Other than that we had so much fun doing it! We both decorated one side.



After our gingerbread camper was complete we closed in prayer and reflection with prompts we found at the end of our guide.


Overall it was another great date and like I said previously, I am looking forward for all of the date nights in a box to come!! I love how in keeping with the season both boxes have been, and how special they have made date nights at home now for me and my spouse. If you want to order one, click here!



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